Which IELTS test should I take for abroad study?

Students often get confused when they come to know about types of IELTS Preparation exam.

They start researching the format and content of the exams, the differences and scopes for studying abroad. Different institutions have different requirements. It is important to know which institution recognizes which IELTS test.

IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training do not differ much. It is chosen depending either on your educational and professional goals, or on the visa requirements for some English-speaking countries.

The IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training versions are similar in format but there are several things to consider while determining which version to go for.

IELTS Academic

IELTS Academic test is for those who are applying for higher education in universities or for those seeking for professional registration where English is the medium of instruction. Students who are planning to pursue their degree on professional field such as medicine or engineering choose this version.

In IELTS Academic, the reading and writing modules include variety of descriptive, factual, and analytical texts, diagrams, graphs and illustrations.

IELTS General Training

IELTS General Training test is for those who are applying to train or study at below degree level or for immigration and employment purpose. It is usually taken by those who are migrating to  countries like Australia, Canada, UK and New Zealand.

In IELTS General, the reading and writing modules include content and questions related to workplace, organizations and social situations.

You are recommended to spend some time researching and understanding what your personal, professional and educational goals are, consult with experienced experts and counselors and choose the IELTS exam accordingly. You can take the necessary steps after you have a clear plan on your further education and/or work career.

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