Reasons why students choose abroad studies for higher education

Looking back to the past years, we can easily estimate that the number of students going abroad has drastically increased. It is because getting international education is not a difficult problem. The whole world has become a global village and since our country is also giving emphasize on international education, abroad studies is also being popular with the time era.
One gets the advantage of having comfortable ladders to peaking careers in unimaginably big way once they are in the footstep of overseas education. Everyone is trying to be their best, nobody wants to let go of the opportunities that the nation has given. We chose overseas education because we have that opportunity for abroad studies in this era that our past didn’t had.
Ever since one starts dreaming about prosperous lifestyle, questions erupts over the mind related to international education system. Everyone makes plans, designs their creative future and begins working for their expectations to meet the reality. The bigger one targets the bigger result one achieves. But while choosing abroad studies, students do have a valid reasons for choosing those dreams. Students nowadays aren’t of narrow mindset. They have a broad mindset and a way of perceiving world. As a result of fact, they aren’t satisfied with themselves and desire to have a wider exposure and educational experience. At the same time, international countries welcome them wholeheartedly as they also prefer globally accepted degrees. One can travel anywhere and live anywhere with dazzling careers with the help of these degrees. At the end of the day it’s the career enhancement that matters ultimately.

Abroad studies creates a smooth pavement for career settlement and future opportunities. Parents along with their children seek after a secure future and most effective solution remains overseas education. One can learn to struggle on their self, workout during challenges and master the skill of living during the hurdles of life. The students planning overseas can earn while studying and have a self-support. They become independent and overseas education shows them the way to reach their goal.

Major Reasons for students choosing Overseas Education:
The following are the major reasons for students choosing overseas education and why many students are fascinated towards studying abroad:

• International Education System: Everyone wishes to acquire international education system that are recognized world widely. Students pursue overseas education for study destination like, USA, UK and Australia as these countries provide world-class education to enhance the students with globally appreciated skills and competency.

• Exchange Culture: We are from country that is culturally diverse. We are limited to cultural barrier. Once students get chance for overseas education, they can discover and experience the new cultures and traditions in their new study destination. They want to study their language, habits, lifestyle and beliefs and it is the best medium for learning and understanding the cultural differences in contract to our country.

• Master Skills and Challenges: International education gives a new opportunity to discover and master the skills and challenges that we need in the near future. Students can learn to adapt, transform themselves and master their abilities in resolving all difficulties in possible situations.

• Social Relationship: While studying abroad, students build new relationships with new people from all across the world. By meeting, working together, studying and traveling one come across making new social relationships with international students and native community people are also studying in the same university or living locally.

• Experience: After completion of the study program, students will be enhanced with new bright ideas, experiences, learning methods and techniques, which are learned or taught. All new experiences and struggles throughout that time period will strengthen their values and beliefs in adapting new concepts and perceptions of life.

• Open to Employment Opportunities: After pursuing higher education from overseas (renowned study destinations) students’ gateway to global job market opens. With an accredited degree, they will be able to find good and suitable opportunities to work. Many international companies prefer to hire individuals who have an experience and excellence in abroad studies. They believe that students with international degrees are capable of facing challenges and can work in an effective way creating a high motivating environment to work.
• Learn and travel: Students dream to travel the world and live in the countries like USA, UK and Australia. They like to visit new places, meet new people, and learn new way of living. To start their dream of travelling, they pursue abroad study as their first step. As every country is different from each other, students have to choose which country is more suitable for them. During the tenure of abroad studies, they get chances to visit new places and learn new things around the country. Many countries provide concessions for international students to travel in the country. This attracts students more than anything.

• Improve Communication Skills: To study abroad students need to meet the international language standard. Also, studying abroad gives a great chance for students to learn different languages and learn other native skills. These communication skills also helps to get job opportunities, and have a comfortable living environment in abroad.

Proper utilization of abroad studies
Mentioned above are the major reasons why students choose abroad studies but international education also contributes a lot in the development of Nepal. One country might be specialized in one particular skill while another might be full of resources, so abroad studies will help utilize both the country’s resources. Talking about Nepal, our country might lack information or updates regarding new education system. We have more theoretical knowledge and experiences. But after getting abroad studies, students can return back to Nepal and utilize their acquired skills to bring some new innovation and opportunities. Countries like China, India have the provisions where they send students to abroad for education purpose and after their return back, work together to create a new opportunity or platforms for the developmental purpose of state.
Abroad studies has already been a global phenomenon in present context. So, country like ours can use strategies of utilizing the knowledge and skill of their foreign-graduated students for technical, economic, and human resource development. By offering high level positions in the government and private industries, students studying abroad will be encouraged to return back and work in the country utilizing their knowledge and skill. For that, we can initially create more job opportunities, new platforms for targeted students and areas and encourage many students for abroad studies with purpose to bring new innovation and opportunities back to Nepal’s development.
In the nutshell, we must be able to accept the fact that international education doesn’t only encourage for livelong settlement in abroad but it also encourages students planning for Nepal’s prosperity to get standardized international level of knowledge and skills for development of Nepal.

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