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Japanese Language

Over 99 per cent of people in Japan speak Japanese as their first language as they accord a top priority to their mother tongue. Hardly do they speak language other than their native one. So, if you are planning to study, work or visit Japan, you should have fluency over the Japanese language. The more confident you have over Japanese, the better opportunities you can grab in Japan.

If you looking forward to studying or develop a career in Japan, the first thing to do is to earn command over the Japanese. Japan has unlimited opportunities for people well-versed in its language. To grab those opportunities, one should have fluency and command over the language which takes nearly two years of relentless practice. Dedication, patience and strong command over the Japanese language are the keys to success in Japan.

Enrollment fee: 2,370/- (VAT included) (Free two weeks of basic level language class)

Payment mode: Full while enrolled

Full fee while taking the enrollment, Partial payment is not accepted

Contact person: Admission counselors, Help desk

Course: Elementary level language class followed by counseling (One to one and class)-Study in Japan



Students will be able to introduce themselves in Japanese, know all about Japan, Education system of Japan, culture, total investment, locations, living standard, challenges and opportunities and future prospects.


You will be registered to our system
Regular update (Upcoming intake, NAT/JLPT Test registration, Seminar, interview) is provided by call or SMS
Individual /group counseling is provided
1 Sets of Books provided, Minna No Nihongo, Meaning Book, Khanji Book
Daily class hour:1 hour 30 minutes
Total class: Two weeks class. 18 hours of class
Class day: Sunday to Friday

Terms and conditions:
No fee is refunded after paid
Regular presence in the class is mandatory
Language instructor will manage your time and class schedule
Please come to the class on time, no late entry in the class is permitted.
Please take the VAT bill after paid
Registered your valid contact number so as we can follow you up in need
Note: You talk to our admission counselors many times before get enrollment. Please take your time to talk to our student’s counselors /managing director in details before making the decision to apply in Japan.

Prerequisites for success in Japan
Language is the key: Since Japanese language is the key to access every opportunity in Japan, you must learn Japanese language before entering to Japan.

Understanding Culture: Japanese people have their own culture at home, business, at work and many other contexts. Thus, without learning their culture and assimilating it, it is quite difficult to enjoy the opportunity in Japan.

Hard work: Japanese people believe in hard work. They are simple honest people who easily believe on anything and everything. But, once you lose their trust, you can never regain their trust. So while staying in Japan, you have to work hard and win their trust to realize your dream.

Patience: Achieving goal is not possible overnight. Staying in abroad leaving your friends, parents and nearest is really difficult but patience is needed to touch the summit of success. Therefore, please take the patience for few years at least 3 years to live the comfortable life in Japan.

Devotion: Devotion leads you to the success. You may face various difficulties but the devotion will result to achieving your goal. Make the career goal, be focused, work hard and have the patience to get the success.

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